Johnsons of Chickasha


I took my 3500 Dodge 1999 model in for a tune up and a look see at my heater, it has not worked properly since I bouhgt it.for 10 plug wires 10 spark plugs, oh and an abs sensor they charged me $625.00.

The sensor cossed $46.10.

The next day I went to Napa and priced the parts at the same place they got there parts; wires $68.50 and the plugs $2.20 each. I figured they charged me about $475.00 dollars in laybor they had my truck about 6 hrs at which time they told me I had a bad themostat and it should be replaced at the tune of $300.00.

They also said my intake manifold was leaking, and I needed new brakes rear brakes to the tune of $1000.00 I told them I would take care of it.I went to an independent certified mechanic and after he caught his breath He went through my list of problems at that time he couldn't find anything wrong with my thermostat, no leak on intake manifold and did a rearbrake job for $141.50 All I can say is it has nothing to do with collar they just think we are all idots, ***, dummies, and yes sir I am pissed.

Review about: Heater.

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